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it sneaks up on you
lydia cyberpunk
This school year seemed to drag on, and I've only realized just tonight that I only have 9 work days left! I've got a line on a potential baby-sitting job (I've gone out to meet the kids & everything), so hopefully that pans out well over the summer. (I mean, I really, really hope it does, because I need money! It's a good thing I did pick up the extra pay for Outdoor Ed this year, because I haven't had much overtime offered to me -- which is BS because damn the other 2 classes really needed more support.)

And then a week after that, I'm flying up to Sacramento for a week for my sister's birthday! I'm really looking forward to that! She's taking several days off work, so this will be the most time I've been able to spend with her for years. We might go to Lake Tahoe for a couple nights.

In case you don't follow me on Tumblr, let me take a sec to tell you about my shiny new fandom obsession, Wolfblood. It's this unassuming half-hour British kids' show, and it's amazing. It had me from the very first scene, which subverts a common horror-film trope in a cool way. Lycanthropy is used as a device to tell a coming-of-age story that doesn't dumb down any complex issues. It's at times drama, comedy, horror, fantasy, and even a bit sci-fi in S3. Almost all of the characters are brilliantly well-rounded and realistic (most of the exceptions are the villain-of-the-week types, which can get a bit charicature-y), even the ones who don't appear so at first. My favorite thing about it is (you know me) the wide variety of female characters it has -- it's just so exciting to see a show that's telling girls that leadership doesn't have to look like x, that friendship doesn't have to look like y, that intelligence doesn't have to look like z, etc. S1-3 are available streaming on Netflix, and S4 is being written now! I bought the DVDs, you guys. I can't even remember the last time I bought a DVD for anything else. (Like, I think the most recent DVD I have otherwise is Pacific Rim, and that was a present given to me.) For some reason, they were cheaper than purchasing downloads. O___o
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a follow-up
kilo no mercy
to my Age of Ultron post.

agents of SHIELD - scarsCollapse )

Avengers: Age of Ultron
hawkeye trek
I"ve so many scattered thoughts I"m not sure where to begin.Collapse )

My great uncle is my grandma's only surviving sibling, and they haven't seen each other in 8 months because neither of them drive on freeways any more, and they live about 4 hours apart. So my mom has been planning for a couple weeks to drive my grandma down to see him this weekend, because his 89th birthday is on the 5th.

Only... he told them not to come! He says he's not feeling sick or anything, just. Not to come.

So my uncle (who has been my great uncle's traveling companion on a few vacations, so he's a bit closer to him than my mom) has decided that he is going to drive my grandma down -- uninvited -- tomorrow, anyway.

My mom's family is so weird. Like, aggressively weird.

my kind of ship meme
Snagged from reeby10:

Meme for people who ship almost everyone:
List 15 fandoms, and ask your friends list to pick one fandom and guess 3 ships from that fandom that you do not, would not, and have never shipped, not even a little.

If someone manages to get all three right, then you can write them a 3-sentence fic about a pairing you actually do like.

1. Agents of SHIELD
2. MCU
3. iZombie
4. Grimm
5. Psych
6. Graceland
7. Pushing Daisies
8. The Middleman
9. Hannibal
10. Roswell
11. Buffyverse
12. Veronica Mars
13. Stargate: Atlantis
14. Eureka
15. Dollhouse

Bringing it back
'Cause reeby10 did it; why shouldn't I? Besides, I have to post something here to keep the folks entertained.

1) Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/bands that you've had an obsessive fannish love or interest in at some time in your life.

2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character/member from each item.

3) When someone guesses correctly, strike through the item and put the name of your favorite character next to it.

01 - Agents of SHIELD Skye, guessed by uberniftacular
02 - iZombie Ravi, guessed by uberniftacular
03 - Grimm (there are probably multiple "right" answers to this, TBH) Monroe & Adalind, guessed by green_queen
04 - Jupiter Ascending Diomika Tsing, guessed by reeby10 & ineedanarrator
05 - Psych Lassiter, guessed by uberniftacular
06 - Graceland Johnny, guessed by ineedanarrator & green_queen
07 - Hannibal Jack, guessed by green_queen
08 - Pushing Daisies Emerson, guessed by ineedanarrator & green_queen
09 - The Middleman Ida, guessed by ineedanarrator & green_queen
10 - Ultimate Spider-Man Sam Alexander, guessed by ineedanarrator
11 - Welcome to Night Vale Old Woman Josie, guessed by green_queen
12 - Pacific Rim Tendo Choi, guessed by ineedanarrator
13 - Star Trek Reboot Pike, guessed by ithinkitsayit
14 - Star Trek TOS (lololol we are only halfway through S1 at this point, so) Janice Rand, guessed by ineedanarrator
15 - Charmed Piper, guessed by ineedanarrator
16 - Roswell Maria, guessed by ineedanarrator
17 - Angel Lorne, guessed by ithinkitsayit
18 - Dollhouse Boyd, guessed by ithinkitsayit
19 - Highlander
20 - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Phryne, guessed by green_queen

I posted a lot of pictures to my Tumblr! They are all from the Wayward Pines & iZombie panels. And the Wayward Pines ones are all of Reed Diamond. XD You can check them all out by looking at my WonderCon 2015 tag, or you can look at Wayward Pines or iZombie (the iZombie ones miiiight be a little Rahul Kohli-heavy.

Also afrocurl literally dragged Javi over to meet me before a panel, and I don't think I acted like TOO much of an idiot, so.

Agents of SHIELD - Afterlife
fury in the trap
Finally! It's been a rough few episodes, but at last one I REALLY LOVE from the show.

There's a lot of meat on the bone that I really want to get into here. spoilers, obvslyCollapse )

Promised photo
Here is my sister's adorable family!

New addition Nolan Randall is on the top left. He's almost a month old already!

STILL a computer hobo!
hawkeye trek
I really, really need my computer back, but I just can't afford it right now. I still have to buy plane tickets to see my sister on her birthday in June. ::sigh::

The good news is that, after picking up extra hours at work for 19 days, I now have a week of Spring Break! Including WonderCon next weekend!

I need it, because my two favorite shows were awful this week.

Agents of SHIELD -- spoilers through Love in the Time of HYDRACollapse )

Grimm -- spoilers through Double DateCollapse )

I've also been trying not to judge, because there've only been 2 episodes, but I've been very disappointed by iZombie so far. non-spoilery stuffCollapse )

On the plus side, sis & I have started watching Star Trek TOS, and frankly, I. LOVE. IT. I think I actually ship Spock/Uhura here more than nuTrek???? And I also see why people are clamoring so hard for Janice Rand to be in nuTrek. She is boss! Unsurprisingly, we basically coo over Sulu every time he is onscreen. (Is there Sulu/Rand fic???)