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your #2 source of MSW content
Jess booze
So, apparently, if you do a Google image search for Jessica Fletcher, the second result you get is a frame from a MSW .gif I posted 2 years ago.

(If you refine the search by Type > Animated, an image generated by me only reaches the #3 spot, but 3 of the top 9 results are .gifs I made.)

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...take it to the vet?




haha no.

I should take me to the vet. I am also slightly broken.

I don't think a vet would know what to do with you, Katie.

What's wrong?

Headache, sore throat, general ickiness. I've had a cold like every month of winter.

Oh, man, I had a cold that came out of nowhere last week. I'm really lucky that we have a holiday weekend, so I actually have an extra day off to recover. I need it.

I hope you feel better soon!

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