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fury in the trap
Sooooooo when it was announced that there would be an Agents of SHIELD spinoff, I was hoping it would be something like this.

For the spin-off challenge @ gameofcards.

X-Force, the series

Mike Peterson aka Deathlok, played by J. August Richards
Akela Amador, played by Pascale Armand
Ace Peterson, played by Ajani Wrighster
Dr. Andrew Garner, played by Blair Underwood
Nate Summers aka Cable, played by Kerr Smith
Neena Thurman aka Domino, played by Nargis Fakhri
En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse, played by Mido Hamada

Mike Peterson carries around the physical and mental scars that were left on him during multiple HYDRA experimentations. A good and honest man at heart, he has to reconcile the choices he made under duress -- to murder criminals under the threat of seeing his own son, Ace, murdered in their stead. Mike is also learning to accept his physical disabilities and his dependence upon the multiple prosthetics given to him by HYDRA and SHIELD -- prosthetics which he has come to learn can be taken away from him again without a moment's notice.

And Mike's actually not doing so bad. He's working with SHIELD now, not just for SHIELD; his son is safe and happy; he has a partner, Akela Amador, who experienced similar mistreatment at the hands of HYDRA, and who understands him; and he and Amador both have the professional help of psychologist Andrew Garner.

That is, until the Deathlok Troopers begin to appear on the scene. With abilities that are an exact duplicate for Mike's, the troopers target superheroes, SHIELD agents, and Inhumans alike, which creates a rift between Mike and SHIELD when the agency initially believes him to be responsible.

Mike gets unexpected help in the form of a cybernetic soldier from the future -- a man who goes by the name Cable -- who tells Mike that the troopers have also been sent back from the future, and are the doing of an ancient being named En Sabah Nur. Like Mike and Cable, En Sabah Nur is a enhanced being, though his upgrades are courtesy of alien technology. En Sabah Nur's goal is a simple one: only the strong survive.

The odds are stacked highly against Mike and Cable -- with their limited two-man team and a pool of zero resources, the pair quickly find themselves in over their heads. Mike wades into battle yet again, and he can only hope that Ace is and remains safe.

Eventually, Mike and Cable find themselves boxed in, with no hope of exit until the timely arrival of Cable's compatriot from the future: former mercenary Neena Thurman. Thurman has a lead on the origin of the Deathlok Troopers, and with her help, they may be able to stop En Sabah Nur's reign of chaos. In doing so, Mike finds himself conflicted between his goal of stopping the Deathlok Troopers and returning to life as normal (such as it is), and between Cable's goal of eliminating En Sabah Nur altogether.


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