Marion (entwashian) wrote,

Chromatic Casting Meme

So st_aurafina made a post which linked to some other posts in which folks re-cast Marvel characters as characters of color, as well as including her own ideas. Which is awesome and I totally wanted to do it, except Marvel isn't my fandom.

But you know what is my fandom, which, despite how wonderful it is, is totally whitewashed? Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy Summers - Gabrielle Union

Willow Rosenberg - Parminder Nagra

Xander Harris - Percy Daggs III

Cordelia Chase - Dania Ramirez

Angel - Takeshi Kaneshiro

Rupert Giles - Erick Avari

Joyce Summers - Alfre Woodard

Daniel Osbourne - Jake Smollett

Faith Lehane - Rosario Dawson

Anya Jenkins - Julia Ling

Tara Maclay - America Ferrera

Dawn Summers - Dana Davis

Andrew Wells - Aaron Yoo

Feel free to throw in your suggestions in the comments, especially about characters I "forgot" like Spike & Dru, Riley, Wesley, etc.
Tags: buffyverse, meme, picspam
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