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miranda riddler
fannish5: Name your 5 favorite fictional pets.

01 // Kao K'o Kung

Psychic detective cat.
+1 for Yum Yum.

02 // Scoobert Doo

A Great Dane that doesn't drool.

03 // Old Lace

Psychic deinonychus.

04 // Woofer

Koontz portrays dogs so positively, and generally negatively for cats. What gives?

05 // Argo

Faithfullest of sidekicks.
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I have those "The Cat Who..." books on the Kindle, I really should try them. Maybe with every book ever that's after Dresden.

I remember a dog in the Koontz book I vaguely remember reading. But Mouse is my favourite. :D

You have to read them in order, though! Even though they are stand alone books, there's like, overarching character storylines & stuff! The Cat Who Could Read Backwards is the first one.

There are dogs in pretty much every Dean Koontz book. In a couple, the dog is pretty much the main character. Woofer is unique, though, because he was the first & one of the only ones to get whole sections of story from his own POV.

With books, I'm very serious about reading in order. :D Even with some authors who I get on the "must read EVERYTHING" kicks, I'll read in the order they were published, even if they're all stand alone books. It's a thing. There's just so many series that I want to try, and some I need to finish.

Hee hee hee

He just wants to make Shaggy feel better about being real-named Norville.

Yes, but Norville is close to Neville and that is a name of awesomness

I could only think of one: Buttercup from the Hunger Games books. But that's okay, because I'm pretty sure he tops the list.

I'm sure you could think of some more if you put your mind to it! :)

You are correct, and I am now writing a post. :)

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