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a constant source of distraction and procrastination.

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the haps
fury in the trap
I have been sick for TWO. FREAKIN. WEEKS. It's so frustrating -- I'm just finishing up my second course of antibiotics, but I'm still so plugged up from my ear infection that I can barely hear.

Media-wise, 2016 has already been a pretty fruitful year for me, even though I've been watching barely any TV. I finally got a smartphone, so I am reading more thanks to Kindle Cloud.

My first new fandom of 2016 was a result of the Welcome to Night Vale hiatus -- I neeeeeeded something to fill the podcast gap, so I got into We're Alive, which I like a lot a lot a lot. It has a few cliche elements of zombie-apocalypse stories (i.e. - random romantic hookups, prison inmates, secretly evil "Pleasantville" colonies), but in my opinion, it's very successful at creating its own unique zombie mythology. It also has multiple poc characters voiced by actual poc (!!!), and one confirmed LGBT character. It's also finished with a complete 4 seasons (with a spin-off coming soon?), so you don't have to worry about any unanswered questions or mysteries!

I was looking at some slideshow/list of, like, "the most anticipated country albums of 2016!" and going, like, click "nope" click "nope" click "hell no" click "nope -- well, maaaaybe" click "nope" when I came upon a group I'd never heard of: The Cactus Blossoms. Dudes. Dudes. This was, like, 4 weeks ago? Maybe? I am currently wearing a Cactus Blossoms t-shirt. They're being compared to the Everly Brothers a lot, which, okay, yes, harmonies, but there's definitely a heavy dose of Hank Williams Sr involved, too. Check out this live performance of the title track from their album You're Dreaming. Your earholes will thank you.

On Kickstarter, I backed a project called People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction!, and a really cool thing they're doing with their campaign is sending out daily updates that are "essays" by the creators involved with the project about their experiences being POC in a white-dominated genre. Through SL Huang's essay, I found out about her book, Zero Sum Game, which is the first in a trilogy THAT I AM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT. The main character is a "retrieval specialist" (aka mercenary/assassin type) who kills people with her MATH SUPERPOWER, and the only person she trusts 100% is a literal sociopath. So far I've only read the first one, and one of the shorts that accompanies them, but I've bought them all via Kindle, and I'm really looking forward to reading the author's other series, too -- I've already bought the first one, Hunting Monsters.

Sis & I are still sloooowly crawling our way through our Star Trek watch -- we're up to about 1/3 of the way through season 2! XD NEGL -- I would totally date Jim Kirk. He's kind of a babe.

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Does We're Alive get more listenable as it goes? I tried it but found it difficult to distinguish between the characters and ended up getting confused really quickly.

I think so? I remember that I almost stopped after the first episode (or two?), but continued on just to try it out, and that's when I got hooked. I do remember that even til the end, I got the 2 lead females confused still sometimes. But also as the series develops, the characters do, too, so it switches to other points of view more often, and their "voices" become more distinct, too.

Okay. I think I hit about that same point and gave up on it. I may give it another try.

Yeah, I actually like the voice actor for the lead, but the character is soooo blah that there are parts that are hard to get through, and the beginning of the series is very Michael-heavy.

Yuck, I'm sorry you're so sick! I hope you start feeling better soon!

Smartphones are awesome!

I think I am starting to hear a little better! ::crosses fingers::

UGH being sick for ages is the worst, i hope you feel better and it doesn't return.

YAY new things :)

EVERYONE at work is sick, too, so we're like taking rotating turns calling in and dragging ourselves into work all exhausted, and the kids are grumpy because THEY are sick!!!!

I am a sucker for new things... I have been buying too much ~stuff~ even aside from accumulating all these e-books.

:( that sucks

I I love stuff though. Stuff is the best

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